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Privacy policy


The Legislative Decree 196/2003 (30/06/2003) protects the reservedness of the personal data and it imposes a series of obligations to whom treat personal information referred to other subjects.
Among the most important fulfillments that the law imposes to respect there is that to inform the parties and to acquire their consent to the treatment, above all for the activities of treatment relatively to which the data must have communicated to other subjects.
Therefore, we inform you, to the senses of the Law Decree in object, that the writing firm picks up and treats data concerning your enterprise for finality connected to the management of the ordinary commercial relationships and, precisely, for the compilation of registry lists, the accountancy customers / suppliers, the invoicing, the creditor’s management for the satisfaction of all the obligations as provided by the normative in force.
Your data, besides, can be treated for the exclusively inside finalities of statistic and market-research.
The treatments can be effected through either computer or manual instruments, in the observance of all the necessary cautions to guarantee the safety and the reservation of the information.
Your data, besides, can be communicated to third party, exclusively for technical and operative demands tightly connected to the finalities listed above and particularly to the following categories of subjects:
a) corporate body, professionals, society or other structures entrusted from us to the treatments connected to the fulfillment of the administrative, bookkeeping and managerial obligations connected to the normal development of our economic activity, also for finality of credit recovery
b) to the public authorities and administrations for the finalities connected to the fulfillment of legal obligations
c) banks, financial institutes or other subjects to which the transfer of the data results necessary to the carrying out of the activity of our firm in relation to the accomplishing, for our part, of the contractual obligations assumed with you.
Either your conferment of the data or your consent can be freely manifested, but your refusal will involve impossibility, for our part, to give course to contracts and other connected fulfillments, let alone to manage correctly the mutual commercial relationships.
From last we inform you that, to the senses of the article 13 of the Law Decree 196/2003, you will be able in any moment to require to integrate, to adjourn, to correct or to modify your data.
Requiring to you the express demonstration of your consent to the treatment, we will consider such consent conferred orally, of time in time, in relation to the single business relations, considering you, until of now, informed on the treatments from us effected, to the senses and for the effects of the Law Decree object.