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Villa Argentiera

Project: Ing. Marco Attansio
Artistic direction and choice of materials: Id dott. Bruno Ricchiuto

The silver is extracted from the Adriatic cost of Apulia, near to Castro Marina, in province of Lecce.

Villa Argentiera brings itself out in a majestic way, on the rocks close to the Sea, flooded by the rays of sunlight, they meet the mirror of the water and create a particularly silver highlight that you can see from the villa.

The architectural project, based upon criterions like rationality and sobriety, has been ended by a serial of interventions, on one side of the original redecoration, residential destination of the villa, on the other the demolition of certain accessory constructions and not functional.

The used materials have the charisma of the external landscape and gives life to complicity with internal spaces of the villa. The collaboration between the engineer Attanasio and the internal Designer Bruno Ricchiuto has redefined the identity which the villa has lost in the past.