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Villa Ciano

Project: Arch. Sebastiano Canzano
Artistic direction and choice of materials: Id dott. Bruno Ricchiuto & arch. Sebastiano Canzano

In Santa Cesarea Terme, in the Salento, between the centenarian olive-trees and the crystalline sea, you can enjoy a splendid panorama from the 250mq villa, established in the splendid scenario of the Salento.

It is situated on a rocky hill, covered of a blooming Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by sunburnt rocks and intense fragrances brought by the wind. Autochthonous woods of maritime pine-trees, vineyards and centenarian oak-trees surround it completely.

The inserted pool in the landscaped context has been projected with the idea of according to the level curve of the slope of the sea. In this way it results that it is perfectly integrated with the ambient which is one with the heaven and sea.

The architectural project arranged by the arch. Sebastiano Canzano has given personality defined a contemporaneous style which is integrated perfectly in the context.

The artistic direction of the project and the choice of the materials, fostered by the internal designer Bruno Ricchiuto, who has accorded the idea of the proprietors and the planners. The forms and the constructive details of the contemporaneous style give an interpretation of the necessity to decline the luxury from a minimalistic way.