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Villa del Faro

Santa Maria di Leuca
Project: Arch. Sebastiano Canzano
Artistic direction and choice of materials: Id dott. Bruno Ricchiuto & arch. Sebastiano Canzano

Villa del Faro is situated on the cape of Santa Maria di Leuca in the very south of the Salento in Apulia. The luxury villa has been recently restructured for a total requalification which has privileged the relation with the surrounding landscape. The big covered spaces and terraces offer a great overview. Enjoy your view over the Ionic and Adriatic Sea.

The used materials, natural and autochthonic, (the same definition of the infix made on design), has created a harmony which has eliminated every barrier with the external.

The attentive use of the projectable lines, the use of colours and the silent vivacity and of the stone has made possible a dialogue with the surrounding nature et the infinity of the Sea.

The valorisation of the internal project procedures and of the design has contributed to the lucidity and the transparency of the light which only the heaven of the Salento can evocate